Overview & Objective

Maalaava Oy is a licensed Finnish family company in construction industry, which originated from the need of customers to obtain professional cleaning and coatings for the exterior surfaces of their properties.
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Miikka Linna
Our Role
UI/UX Design, BigCommerce, eCommerce, SaaS
May 2021
Apr. 2021
UI/UX Design, BigCommerce, Big Data, eCommerce, SaaS
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Exotek is a young Swiss company that innovates in the field of work clothes and protective equipment against ionizing waves. Professionals at the service of your protection Part of the obvious principle that safety in the workplace is crucial for any business, and that work clothing plays an important role in the protection of workers' health, Listening to professionals sector, Exotek has set itself the objective of offering the product best suited to their needs.

The Concept

The old UI of the WordPress-based corporate website required complete make-over with current UX improvement. Brand identity improvement was also needed.

The Solution

Re-design was based on the WordPress templates and patterns of design, which made it easier to implement new design into the current WordPress theme. New UI layouts were designed in Figma in desktop and mobile resolutions. We created illustrative background elements in Adobe Illustrator which made UI look richer and more attractive. We changed fonts, colour pallet and created icons to help in visualization of the content. Entire UI and website functionality have been improved to be easier for perception and more appealing.


Project was carried out in Figma for Maalaava Oy on behalf of Sisalto Miikka Oy.


We strived to make old UI fresher and become more attractive but at the same time users can easily recognise brand and feel comfortable while using new corporate website.
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