Overview & Objective

Suomen Asfalttikorjaus Oy is a Finnish family business that carries out asphalt work of all sizes and a reliable partner for small and large customers with the Avainlippu brand with the prestigious Finland's Suomen Vahvimmat certificate. Own premises, modern equipment, experienced management and professional staff guarantee fast and reliable deliveries and fulfillment of obligations under the Customer Liability Act and  be a member company of Infra ry and involved in the Reliable Partner service.
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Miikka Linna
Our Role
UI/UX Design, Graphic Design
April 2021
Apr. 2021
UI/UX Design, BigCommerce, Big Data, eCommerce, SaaS
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Exotek is a young Swiss company that innovates in the field of work clothes and protective equipment against ionizing waves. Professionals at the service of your protection Part of the obvious principle that safety in the workplace is crucial for any business, and that work clothing plays an important role in the protection of workers' health, Listening to professionals sector, Exotek has set itself the objective of offering the product best suited to their needs.

The Concept

The main concept was to make the layout provided by the client more pixel-perfect, align blocks, create single version of the background elements in different color pallet, modify footer section and add micro elements cohering with logo and reflect industry of client's business.

The Solution

We moved all the layout components into a separate Figma board and created default style guide with all the statuses and sizes of the elements and block. After realignment of the blocks within the layout we added micro elements on the background (traffic cone), which inherited logo concept and did not pull too much attention from CTAs but made the entire view more expressive instead.


Project was carried out in Figma for Suomen Asfalttikorjaus Oy on behalf of Sisalto Miikka Oy.


The main idea was to concentrate users' attention on the CTA elements and, at the same time, make entire look of the page more appealing and catchy by creating a symbolic assosiacion with brand through background micro elements.
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